Retail Franchising

The company•s first investment project is under the food industry, by investing into the CAPPELLO Restaurants. Our expansion is to be able to at least own a minimum of three CAPPELLO Restaurants, to be able to boost the trade abilities and be able to create work for the people. The food industry in South Africa is one of the most lucrative businesses for us to invest in, especially if you invest in the one such as CAPPELLO, its stylish, fashionable and classy. It can accommodate the middle-to-up market black diamonds, as they are the market with the buying power.

With experience, MAFULENG will continue to invest in different businesses that will interest and benefit the company.

  Management Profile And Ownership:  

At the moment the company is made of three young people with different industry background. The three work in different aspects for the success of the company. The following are the main role players in the company and their key performance areas:

  Bodibe Sylvester Leballo • Chief Executive Officer

He is the face that runs the business everyday, he is the Chief Marketer of the company. He is equipped with vast experience in the field of Sales and Marketing. His skills will add value to the company, by marketing and mobilizing opportunities. He will ensure that all the A-Z of the company is in line with the principles and conducts of the business.

He has a diploma in Marketing with an experience of more than 10 yrs in the same field, currently studying a Degree in Business Administration (BBA), with Millpark Business School, to sharpen and increase his knowledge in the business environment. He is presently working as a business unit manager, to make sure that sales and awareness of the company is visible. The skills learned will help the company to hunt for new opportunities, build relationships, to maintain and gain new business for MAFULENG Investments cc.

He is also familiar with the business that MAFULENG plans to invest in, he was in the industry of entertainment and restaurant lifestyle, by implementing his marketing strategies of making sure that the restaurants, clubs, etc pulls crowds that will spent money. For Business to grow and be successful you need brains like his, complemented by his strategic partners. (Lehlogonolo and Ian).

Bodibe Sylvester Leballo has the 30% share ownership of the company.

  Vusi Innocent Sibiya • Executive Chairman

Vusi started his career in teaching and went on to join Asea Electric Company, a Swedish company manufacturing power cables, transformers and telephone cables. In the 4 years he spent with the company he worked as a machine operator, wage clerk, data capturer and work study officer. For a brief period Vusi studied Biochemistry at Fort Hare University and after a year joined Gencor as a training officer based at Buffelsfontein Gold Mine. During this period, Vusi obtain a tertiary HR Professional qualification and went on to study marketing. Eight years later Vusi joined a subsidiary of Tiger Oats as training officer. He then joined Erwat, a waste water treatment company in the East Rand as HR Officer, was promoted to HR Manager and then Executive Manager: Resources. In this role, Vusi pioneered the corporatisation of parastatal entities and played a significant role in the establishment of a Human Resources Portfolio for the company and the consolidation of HR functions and activities of the 18 municipalities falling under the East Rand Regional Services Council and the Transvaal Provincial Council.


MAFULENG Investments cc is a company that is out there to make sure that they reach the skies, by grazing for greener pastures. As explained about the investment projects they are planning to invest in, they sure are not in for games, but mean business.

The company will definitely succeed, looking at the partners involved in the running of the company. A successful company succeeds because of its skilled strategic partners, not because of friendship.


•Best Grazers We Are, Rea Fula!•