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MAFULENG Investments is a CC registered company established by three young people with a vast difference in business background. The name MAFULENG is taken from the initials of our names. The company itself braces itself as opportunists of any available opened door for successful exploitation. South African government has opened doors for previously disadvantaged communities and sectors to showcase what they can offer in the mainstream economy, so will MAFULENG Investment make use of those opportunities. The company is multi-facet with future vast investments undertaken to boost the image of the company.

Mission Statement:

MAFULENG • Best Grazers produce Greener Pastures, REA FULA!


Globaring needs the best, as we are, by bringing change.


To be the visible and reliable industry role-player•s with solutions given to give meaning to youth development and the business world.

  • Practice Business Ethics,
  • Be Non- Racial,
  • Be Non- Sexiest,
  • Being the best in our business, and
  • Invest and promote Innovation